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If you would like an outdoor environment that goes well beyond the ordinary, Creative Landscaping, based in Carmel Valley, CA can take you there. Owner Riley Twohig was born and raised in Monterey and has lived here all his life. Riley earned his B.A. in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 1976. Since then he and his crew have worked extensively in the Monterey, Carmel area amassing an intimate knowledge of the local soils, micro climates and plant environments. Let them put this expertise to work for you. Creative Landscaping is a small, hands-on company that offers you truly personal, expert service.

With years of experience serving the local area, we understand the importance of water conservation which is why our landscaping processes are based on sustainable practices. They can design and install anything outdoors you desire.

Our services include:

Landscape Design

Our landscape designs combine natural beauty with function and sustainability. We’ll work with you to create the outdoor space you want, providing visual harmony that will enhance the value of your home or business.

Landscape Service & Maintenance

In addition to landscape design/build, our team provides regular landscape maintenance to keep your property healthy and looking its best.


We can design and build a large variety of hardscapes for your property. These include driveways, patios, entryways, walkways, retaining walls, etc. We also design and install waterfalls, fountains and other water features.


Well-done masonry work can turn an ordinary property into a remarkable one. We provide expert concrete, stone, paver, brick, etc. installation at an affordable price.


We design and build any structure outdoors you desire. These include decks, fences, retaining walls, gates, steps, arbors, trellises, sheds, raised garden beds, etc.


Let us add lighting to your landscape to create a beautiful and dramatic night time setting. A few well-placed lights, set up on an automatic timer can have an amazing impact. Lighting your yard also provides an added measure of security for your home.


We specialize in drought tolerant, drip irrigations systems that use the least amount of water and at the same time provide for optimum health and growth of your garden. We also install a wide variety of drainage systems to suit your needs.

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